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This series of photos was taken at a location called Salvage, Texas, a tiny house village built entirely with salvaged materials, from the houses to the bridges, the buildings, the furniture. It represents the ethos of sustainable housing, living, and health in a simpler way that respects the Earth and our treasures from the past.


During this experience, we grounded and connected over the experience of the changes we’ve encountered in ourselves over the last year and a half or so. The tumultuous experiences and mental landscapes we’ve navigated. We connected over things like our relationships with self and others, sobriety, our bodies and how we celebrate and inhabit them, our desire and need for open space and freedom from distraction, and more. We reflected on our human nature while spending time in physical nature, soaking up the feeling of exploring and spending time in salvaged structures.


Ultimately, this creative endeavor was an exploration in expressing how we navigate challenges and fears, and what we’ve pulled from the wreckage. What we’ve salvaged. 

Photographed by Leah Bury

Models: DeLoné Osby and Leah Bury

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